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Extra Strength Compression

Outplay Extra strength compression flatsea test sampleOutplay pattern making for new extra compression Flatsea

We’re adding extra strength compression! You spoke, we listened and the result is pretty cool. There is something really special about getting to hear directly from our customers; the good and the bad. Thankfully there is a lot more good than bad and the bad is usually not really bad. We wanted to let our […]

High or Low Compression

high low compression tops Outplay Swimmee in black low compression swimwear compression top tomboy

High or Low Compression? What’s the difference between them? Which one is best for you? To best answer this question, we think we should explain how our compression tops are made. Our compression tops are made with several layers of fabric: the basic outer spandex layer, the lining, and then there’s the special mesh material between […]

How to Care for Your Swimwear

Outplay rash guards out in the sun

 How to Care for Your Swimsuit We have some basic recommendations to make sure it lasts past the season. A good suit isn’t going to be cheap and its something you want to take good care of. Swimsuits should last you several seasons, and thankfully there’s something you can do about it. Here are a few key recommendations if you […]

Tomboy Swimwear for Your Summer Lovin’

Outplay on FUSE Magazine cover Miami Beach South Beach model wearing Outplay swimwear for tomboys lesbian cover photo

Tomboy Swimwear for your Summer Lovin’ Outplay was featured in FUSE magazine in Australia! Outplay’s first Aussie press feature! We’re so excited to share the cover of Australia’s  FUSE Magazine summer issue featuring Outplay!   Out of the blue we got an email from Alex, the editor at FUSE Magazine, asking us if we’d like to […]

Size Chart Changes for Outplay

Outplay size chart XS, S, M, L XL

Size Chart Changes for Outplay   We’ve tested, listened, and tested some more. Then we listened some more and thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some changes to our size charts. Here at Outplay we have made some changes to our size chart. These changes are effective as of July 15, 2014 and if your order […]

Cutomer feedback is priceless

Outplay is thankful

Customer feedback is priceless…   Good or bad, feedback can make you a better company. And as a company that is only a month old, it’s priceless. Specially when its feedback that validates what we do and stand for in such a strong way. I got this email last night from an Outplay customer who […]

Outplay tomboy swimwear featured in DIVA magazine’s hottest summer looks

DIVA magazine front cover

Outplay Tomboy Swimwear Featured in DIVA Magazine’s Hottest Summer Looks We’ve crossed the big pond! Check out Outplay in DIVA Magazine Outplay was asked to be part of a very fun photo shoot in the UK featuring different types of swimwear for the summer season. Check out this summer’s hottest looks. This is the result […]

Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes and Otherwise-Identified Summer lovers

Outplay compression swimsuit Swimmee binder crop top mid drift swimwear navy blue

Outplay Swimwear for Butches, Bois, Femmes & Otherwise-Identified Summer lovers Its not officially summer yet but the sun is out and its time to hit the beach! Its time to hang out with your friends and stick your toes in the water. But does summer time, pool parties and beach outings get you all unraveled […]